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We are opening a new highrate world, Oldera, on Saturday 24 June! Check out detailed world information here.

We are opening a highrate world on Saturday 24 June! Explore new areas with friends! Try to conquer the surgers in new city 'Molten Hills'! Brrrr.. make sure to bring a scarf! Watch out for the Solar Dragon's beam! Would King Tibianus allow you killing the Royalist? Kaplar! Defeat new minotaurs in Molten Hills! Make sure to safely store your loot in Molten Hills! Exchange creature products to new custom addons and outfits! Watch out, it can get pretty hot down there! Enchant your armors and enjoy new stats on your equipment!

What is Nastarius?

Nastarius is a Tibia Global 7.4 OT server. Here at Nastarius you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.
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24 Jun
New world is almost launching! We will be doing some giveaways on Twitch, starting 2 hours before launch at:

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Latest news

Oldera update! Jun 25 2017 9 Comments »

Hi guys,

Little update, follow changes will be applied on server save:
- Upped mana regen from 3 to 5 points.
- Upped lootrate from 3.5 to 4.5.
- Enabled getting exp from killing players.

Changed applied on server save, if you have any other suggestions let me know.

Oldera detailed information! Jun 19 2017 1 Comment »

Hi guys,

Happy to announce the more detailed information on our new world Oldera, which is coming out on next Saturday 24 June 18:00 CEST.

The server will be highrated in terms of experience, loot, skills, magic and spawn. I will here talk about some very specific changes in gameplay, they are as followed:
- Free Djinns - Everyone has djinn access without doing any sort of quest.
- Desert Quest - You need 4 players above level 20, no vocation restriction & items needed to do desert quest.
- Promotion - Cost is lowered from 20k to 10k.
- Runes - You conjure double charged runes, you can buy runes in shop from NPC Morris.

The experience level stages start at 70x and end at 3x, please check server information page for specific rate settings.

See you guys on Saturday!

New highrate world! Jun 13 2017 1 Comment »

Hi guys,

We are opening a new world, Oldera. Oldera will be a very fast paced world with high experience, magic, skill and loot rate. The launch date is Saturday 24 June.

In the next few days we will be adding more information to the website and give you more detailed information in regards to specifics.

Hopefully this will bring some more light on Nastarius. As always we will keep updating Nastarius regularly and will not ever reset or remove players on Genesis.

Thanks for your continued support,


Merging worlds! Jun 10 2017 18 Comments »


It is time to merge Apollo and Mytica together. Apollo will be merged into Mytica. The main world will be renamed to Genesis.

In preparation of the merge, if you have a house on Apollo your house items will be sent to your depot including the purchase price of your house so you can purchase the house on the merged world. In case the house is already taken on Mytica you will receive double of the house price.

The merge will happen on Friday 16 June.

Thank you for playing on Nastarius!

Patch Notes - Lots of fixes and changes! May 22 2017 8 Comments »

Hi guys,

Today we are releasing a big patch in regards to current systems and content. If you find any issues or have any suggestions please reply to this post!

If you use the beta client please re-download it from our website or you will encounter debugs. Also new beta client includes some performance tweaks so it is important you download the beta client again.

Following changes have applied to Nastarius:
- Added new ice cave sprites in conformity of the already revamped regular cave sprites.
- New players now start with novice gear so they can now focus on preparing for main instead of focusing getting through Rookgaard.
- Now up to 4 players can get a task kill opposed to only 2.
- You can now start dungeon with 2 to 5 players instead of only 5. (applied on next server save)
- Increased lootcrate chances.
- Various beta client performance fixes.
- Lowered price of skinning knife to 2k.
- Creature products are now sellable to Hugo in Venore.
- Fixed lots of map issues.
- Fixed radius of several NPCs.
- Fixed various sprite errors (ghoul jaw, frozemoth, void etc.)
- Fixed arrow missile sprite.
- Lowered various level doors in Bogrund and removed some.
- Fixed ice fields.
- Fixed 6 ruby quest.
- Fixed noble armor quest.
- Buffed 'utevo lux' spell in terms of duration.

We will keep polishing Nastarius in the next few weeks in terms of revamped sprites coming for many of old Tibia sprites. Next up is the rework of the Kazordoon mines with completely new ore caves and much more. On our road map is also the complete graphic revamp of Ankrahmun which you can expect in around 2 weeks.

Thank you for playing Nastarius!