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Join our new world launched on 29 April! Huge jungle biome coming out soon. Stay tuned! Explore new areas with friends! Try to conquer the surgers in new city 'Molten Hills'! Brrrr.. make sure to bring a scarf! Watch out for the Solar Dragon's beam! Would King Tibianus allow you killing the Royalist? Kaplar! Defeat new minotaurs in Molten Hills! Make sure to safely store your loot in Molten Hills! Exchange creature products to new custom addons and outfits! Watch out, it can get pretty hot down there! Enchant your armors and enjoy new stats on your equipment!

What is Nastarius?

Nastarius is a lowrate Tibia Global 7.4 OT server. Here at Nastarius you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.
What are you waiting for? Read more about Nastarius or create your account and start playing now!

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Patch Notes - Lots of fixes and changes! May 22 2017 7 Comments »

Hi guys,

Today we are releasing a big patch in regards to current systems and content. If you find any issues or have any suggestions please reply to this post!

If you use the beta client please re-download it from our website or you will encounter debugs. Also new beta client includes some performance tweaks so it is important you download the beta client again.

Following changes have applied to Nastarius:
- Added new ice cave sprites in conformity of the already revamped regular cave sprites.
- New players now start with novice gear so they can now focus on preparing for main instead of focusing getting through Rookgaard.
- Now up to 4 players can get a task kill opposed to only 2.
- You can now start dungeon with 2 to 5 players instead of only 5. (applied on next server save)
- Increased lootcrate chances.
- Various beta client performance fixes.
- Lowered price of skinning knife to 2k.
- Creature products are now sellable to Hugo in Venore.
- Fixed lots of map issues.
- Fixed radius of several NPCs.
- Fixed various sprite errors (ghoul jaw, frozemoth, void etc.)
- Fixed arrow missile sprite.
- Lowered various level doors in Bogrund and removed some.
- Fixed ice fields.
- Fixed 6 ruby quest.
- Fixed noble armor quest.
- Buffed 'utevo lux' spell in terms of duration.

We will keep polishing Nastarius in the next few weeks in terms of revamped sprites coming for many of old Tibia sprites. Next up is the rework of the Kazordoon mines with completely new ore caves and much more. On our road map is also the complete graphic revamp of Ankrahmun which you can expect in around 2 weeks.

Thank you for playing Nastarius!

Patch Notes - Beta Client 0.3 released & new dungeon! May 12 2017 8 Comments »

Hi guys,

Finally the update is here! This update has been delayed as we wanted to get the new cave sprites just perfect for you. Hopefully you will enjoy this tech & content patch!

If you use the stable client it should automatically update for you, however some of you might have the auto updating disabled (by our choice a select few) for testing purposes.
If the stable client does not auto-update for you, please re-download the client (if you are tech savvy enough, just replace the .dll in /game/ folder).

If you use the beta client please re-download it from the website or debugs may occur!

Patch Notes:
- Created a huge new dungeon for lower levels. Check out the dungeon page in our library!
- Revamped all cave sprites! Enjoy exploring Nastarius in a new way!
- Increased spawn rate by 30%!
- You are now able to buy UH and HMM runes from Morris.
- Fixed being not able to rope on rope holes with blood on beta client.
- Fixed various movement issues on beta client.
- Fixed disappearing stairs on beta client.
- Improved performance drastically on beta client.
- Fixed "exori ira".
- Added Loot Crates back to website shop.

Thank you for sticking around to Nastarius and stay tuned for more updates!

30% boost weekend and Sunday's Patch! May 5 2017 2 Comments »

Hi guys,

Thank you all for playing. Happy to announce to you guys that from today's server save until Monday server save, you will gain 30% increase in experience, skills and magic. Spread the word and let's get huntin!

Also, on Sunday we got a huge patch incoming including:
- Completely revamped cave sprites, no cave will be the same anymore!
- A huge new low level dungeon (level 30+) including a new custom item and of course a totally custom and awesome end boss.
- Lots of fixes on beta client (such as blood on rope spot, dissappearing stairs etc), making the beta client truly playable.
- Several map and other miscellaneous sprite fixes.

Enjoy your weekend!

Patch Notes - Fairy Update May 2 2017 0 Comments »

Hi guys,

First of all, thank you all for playing at Nastarius. Today we bring you a little content update, the Fairies.

Many of you requested a low level custom spawn, so we have delivered and created a new spawn with various fairies including a new custom equipment item you are able to loot.

The Fairies are located on a mountain just north west from Black Knight quest entrance. You are able to complete a task on the Poxie mobs. Luna task will come at a later point.

Also I have updated the website regarding some info on custom content (and wrong pictures). In next few days we are revamping all cave sprites, so stay tuned for some more awesomeness!


Nerd & Geek

Launch tomorrow and update log! Apr 28 2017 0 Comments »

Hi guys,

Hope you are pumped for tomorrow's launch of the new world Apollo! At exactly Saturday 18:00 CEST the gates will be opened. In preparation for the new world launch, Mytica will be offline during the day and will be reopened once Apollo launches.

As always I will be hosting a little giveaway stream on Twitch, starting 2 hours before launch of Apollo.

Today we bring you a little patch and rework of the Giant's spawn:
- Changed sprites for all Giant's variations (Giant Fighter, Giant Archer & Giant).
- Renamed Giant Boulder to Giant Archer.
- Reworked Giant's spawn.
- Created few new spawns and expanded some existing spawns in Rookgaard.
- Addressed some areas in the map.
- Fixed bruiser bow.
- Fixed some performance issues in the beta client.

Please update your client, if you are using the stable client the client will fetch the updates automatically. If you use the beta client please re-download the client from our download page.

Cya guys tomorrow!