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Explore custom hydra's with friends! Try to conquer the surgers in new city 'Molten Hills'! Brrrr.. make sure to bring a scarf! Watch out for the Solar Dragon's beam! Would King Tibianus allow you killing Royalists? Kaplar! Defeat new minotaurs in Molten Hills! Make sure to safely store your loot in Molten Hills! Exchange creature products to new custom addons and outfits! Watch out, it can get pretty hot down there! Enchant your armors and enjoy new stats on your equipment!

What is Nastarius?

Nastarius is a lowrate Tibia Global 7.4 OT server. Here at Nastarius you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.
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16 Jan
Reworked website is now online! Some stuff is still under construction but should be fully released once the new video trailer is done. Enjoy! :)

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Latest news

New content - 'Molten Hills' Update Jan 13 2017 1 Comment »

Hi guys,

Hope you all are doing fine and well. Nastarius has now been online for over a month and I am still motivated to create and maintain Nastarius for you guys.

To start of the year good, I have made a huge content patch. I have added a complete new continent with a story line, over 10 new creatures and over 200 (!) new sprites. The area is pretty much all custom, with new caves, statues, decoration and more.

To go to the new Molten Hills continent, you have to start a mission with Donald McRonald in Thais. You will need to gather specific creature products in Molten Hills for Donald.

Also we have added an unique enchanting system, enabling you to enchant armors with unique gems. You get this gems from lava fishing, talk to NPC Balaam to get an obsidian fishing rod to get started gathering gems to enchant armors.

Currently Nastarius still has a vast and a committed player base, however with this huge content patch my goal is to expand our playerbase. I do ask you (especially high levels) personally to be kind to new players and help them out whenever you can. Let's create a community together.

The current road map for the following 2 weeks is as following:
- Finalize this Molten Hills update with a new dungeon and raid.
- Publish a sick trailer of the Molten Hills update.
- (Paid) Advertise on specific Tibia forums & websites (otservlist, google etc.) with the new update in mind.
- Create a new website, I'm halfway done on this and the new website is expected to be launched somewhere in the next week.

The every Sunday update is revoked as usually I'm gone in the weekend it is hard to keep updating on Sunday. I will think of a good new weekly update day, probably somewhere in the middle of the week. Will keep you posted about that.

I hope you will enjoy the current update as I have put a lot of sweat and tears into this huge content patch. You will encounter small bugs and such, just report them and they will get fixed instantly.

Concerning Classicus players, I have updated the client and you can now update your client to play.

Thanks a lot and cheers!

Merry Christmas! Dec 24 2016 1 Comment »

Hi guys,

Personally, I wish you a merry christmas and a great year! Thank you all for participating in yesterday's christmas event.

Expect loads of great updates before and after the new year!

Thanks and enjoy,


Christmas event tonight! Dec 23 2016 0 Comments »

Just as a reminder, christmas festivities are starting tonight at 20:00 CET. Make sure to be there as it will be lots of fun with raids, bosses, hide nd seek and more.

Cya tonight!

Small Patch Dec 21 2016 0 Comments »

Hi guys,

Today we released a small patch with some fixes and other minor stuff. This is not the weekly update, that is still coming up next Tuesday.

Today's patch includes following:
- Added bank NPC to Bogrund, north east from depot.
- Changed light colors of the light wands and bright ring.
- Bug fix in spawning sytem (sometimes monsters respawned to slow or in some cases not at all).
- Added tasks for Giants, Giant Fighters, Hydras, Royalists, Lost Kings, Ancient Dragons, and Behemoths.
- Changed Warlock task count and reward.
- Increased healing chance for summoned Monks.
- Added new sprites for all underground caves (!), make sure to check them out. Some borders are still missing/bugged but will be fixed in next few days.

That's it, the sprites for caves are still in test phase and might be altered, though first response to the new caves of the community seems good.

In next content update (Tuesday) we will be releasing an all new ice dungeon with several bosses and over 5 new equipment items.
Come check it out on Tuesday!

Also make sure to be here on Friday for the christmas raids! It will be an evening with lots of fun!

Thank you for playing,


Christmas Update Dec 18 2016 1 Comment »


Hi guys,

The christmas update has arrived. Thais has been victim to some real christmas snow. Thais is fully covered in snow, with new lanterns, christmas decoration and ofcourse Santa!

If you have been a good boy you are able to get a gift from the christmas tree at Thais crossroad. Also you are able to collect gingerbreads for a new outfit. Lots of monsters will now drop gingerbread, it takes 100 gingerbreads for Santa to give you a new outfit. This outfit will only be collectable during this christmas event. The event (Thais in snow etc.) lasts till 5 January.

However, the real fun starts next Friday 23 December, we will be doing christmas raids with various new christmas monsters and more. You will be able to loot lots of gingerbread and various rare items (only lootable in this event).

As for the upcoming updates, I will keep working on them and already have a idea for the next update, a huge christmas/snow dungeon. However, because christmas this year is on a Sunday and New Year as well, both upcoming weekly updates will be pushed 2 days later on Tuesday. After new year the regular update schedule will resume (every Sunday).

Also, you are now able to buy Postman Quest in the donation shop. Many have asked for it, though djinns will never be added to shop.

Enjoy exploring guys and make sure to be here next Friday night when we will be doing lots of christmas in-game events. I hope you have a fun christmas and new year, don't drink too much!

Kind Regards,