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    • Cthulhu
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    • 15.12.16 17:02:03
    • Edited by Cthulhu
    • on 15.12.16 17:15:52

    Died to debug.

    I was hunting in mino pyramid minding my own business when a lvl 25ish knight came by and wanted a knife from a mino mage. I told him "I dont kill mages", and carried on killing guards.

    He proceeded down the stairs. When he didnt get back up I decited to check what happened to him, and BAM. Client crashed as a went down the stairs. Lost 150k exp and all of my hard earned UHs, since I didnt dare to go back if it were to happen again.

    Edit: Ofcourse I have the latest client.
    I msgd the lvl 25ish knight by the name of Rycerz Odbyteusz and he got the same debug as me.

    I guess I wont be getting anything in return for my death, but I thought you should know mino pyramid isnt safe atm.