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    • Skream
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    • 16.12.16 04:41:11

    Dungeon Groups

    If you would like to participate in a dungeon once per day, post here and people will be able to message you in-game and get something worked out. As far as I know, it requires level 50-90 to participate and a minimum of 5 players. If you die inside the dungeon, you can not retrieve loot unless your team does. You have one hour to complete dungeon or you are automatically killed.

    Sounds fun, who's in?!

    I will be getting a group assembled every day if possible.

    Post here to get invited!

    • Cewix
    • Vocation: Paladin
    • Level: 20
    • Posts: 2
    • 17.12.16 04:19:14