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    • Omerdron
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    • 16.12.16 09:05:45
    • Edited by Omerdron
    • on 20.12.16 15:54:38

    Custom Content Database


    I believe a lot of people in the community, including me, are interested in having a place to look when it comes to information about the custom content on the server. I hear from some people that there are tons and tons of custom items on here, perhaps too many to list down, I will however try to list down the more common ones that I see people ask about.

    Post here or message me in-game and I will update the list, I hope there's at least one Classicus players willing to help!


    Hercule Helmet (Arm:9 + 100hp) --- Giant Fighter, Black Knight
    Hercule Armor - Royalist, Lost King
    Hercule Legs (Arm:8 + 100hp) --- Royalist, Lost King

    Sparkling Axe (Atk:? +20 energy damage, Def:?) --- Royalist, Lost King, Beetle
    Valor Sword (Atk:36 +20 energy damage, Def:30) --- Royalist, Lost King, Beetle


    Sparkling Staff (+150mana, +2 magic level) --- Dropped by Solar Dragons
    Valor Ring (+5 ml??) --- Dropped by ??


    Sparkling Crossbow (20+ energy damage) --- Frozemoth
    Obsidian Crossbow (20+ fire damage) - Demon & Lost King Quest
    Venomous Bow (20+ poison damage) - Giant Spider

    Royalist/Lost Kings are found in extension of Edron Hero cave
    You can get to Hydra's like normal Tibia from Ankrahmun side
    Beetle/Solar Dragon can be found in the Poison Tomb (located in Ankrahmun desert)
    Giants can be found in stairs down at Thais South Spawn
    Frozemoths and other monsters (Ice Hero, Crystal Spider, Aurora Bird, Ancient Dragons, Yeti's) can be found in Bogrund.

    • GM Nerd
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    • 16.12.16 09:55:50

    I've edited your post with a lot of info, there is still way more items/monsters to find but that's for higher levels and you guys should explore that stuff yourself.

    Hopefully I've helped a bit with some info. It takes too much time for me to state all changes/updates/items as it's too extensive.

    Happy explorin'!

    • Omerdron
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    • 16.12.16 21:41:01

    Thanks Nerd!

    • Spaz
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    • 19.12.16 10:08:33

    Amazing idea if i don't say so myself! Ill post here or msg you in-game if i find anymore custom content

  • Swift Ring

    I looted swift ring from Giants. Haven't tested it out but i guess it will give extra speed.

    • Hellvor
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    • 21.12.16 12:11:28
    • Edited by Hellvor
    • on 21.12.16 12:14:26

    obsidian armor (?? stats, assuming the same as the legs) - dragon lord (0.12% chance)
    obsidian legs (+5% fire prot) - dragon

    and sparkling xbow from frozemoth is 0.2% chance

    sparkling axe is 36 atk

    • Bohun
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    • 28.12.16 02:29:30

    Youre able to obtain valor ring from the Dungeon 50-90 final room