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    • Cruel
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    • 17.12.16 19:54:11


    Food is consumed way quicker then in real tibia. You say it's to go against "botters", but the only thing to go against botters is to have active staff checking up on people. It is annoying that we spend more money as low level buying food which do not last as long as they are supposed to be.

  • Man, U shall know... Fishing skilling <<joke>>
    I know food coming down too fast.

    • Skream
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    • 18.12.16 05:30:33

    If you know people have problems with food, why not start making a business out of it? Collect food from your hunts and save them and sell on chat / stock your low level character up. =]
    I did scarab task and left with 400 meats lasted a few days on my maker.

    • Cruel
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
    • Level: 61
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    • 18.12.16 16:21:00

    It just doesn't make any sense to edit the consume time of the food, instead change the client variables to avoid the bots from working.