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    • GM Nerd
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    • 18.12.16 10:47:00
    • Edited by GM Nerd
    • on 18.12.16 12:31:10

    Christmas Update


    Hi guys,

    The christmas update has arrived. Thais has been victim to some real christmas snow. Thais is fully covered in snow, with new lanterns, christmas decoration and ofcourse Santa!

    If you have been a good boy you are able to get a gift from the christmas tree at Thais crossroad. Also you are able to collect gingerbreads for a new outfit. Lots of monsters will now drop gingerbread, it takes 100 gingerbreads for Santa to give you a new outfit. This outfit will only be collectable during this christmas event. The event (Thais in snow etc.) lasts till 5 January.

    However, the real fun starts next Friday 23 December, we will be doing christmas raids with various new christmas monsters and more. You will be able to loot lots of gingerbread and various rare items (only lootable in this event).

    As for the upcoming updates, I will keep working on them and already have a idea for the next update, a huge christmas/snow dungeon. However, because christmas this year is on a Sunday and New Year as well, both upcoming weekly updates will be pushed 2 days later on Tuesday. After new year the regular update schedule will resume (every Sunday).

    Also, you are now able to buy Postman Quest in the donation shop. Many have asked for it, though djinns will never be added to shop.

    Enjoy exploring guys and make sure to be here next Friday night when we will be doing lots of christmas in-game events. I hope you have a fun christmas and new year, don't drink too much!

    Kind Regards,


    • Tradbill
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    • 19.12.16 09:26:06

    nice update nerd, can u post what mobs drop gingers?