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    • 21.12.16 14:34:00
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    • on 21.12.16 16:04:12

    Small Patch

    Hi guys,

    Today we released a small patch with some fixes and other minor stuff. This is not the weekly update, that is still coming up next Tuesday.

    Today's patch includes following:
    - Added bank NPC to Bogrund, north east from depot.
    - Changed light colors of the light wands and bright ring.
    - Bug fix in spawning sytem (sometimes monsters respawned to slow or in some cases not at all).
    - Added tasks for Giants, Giant Fighters, Hydras, Royalists, Lost Kings, Ancient Dragons, and Behemoths.
    - Changed Warlock task count and reward.
    - Increased healing chance for summoned Monks.
    - Added new sprites for all underground caves (!), make sure to check them out. Some borders are still missing/bugged but will be fixed in next few days.

    That's it, the sprites for caves are still in test phase and might be altered, though first response to the new caves of the community seems good.

    In next content update (Tuesday) we will be releasing an all new ice dungeon with several bosses and over 5 new equipment items.
    Come check it out on Tuesday!

    Also make sure to be here on Friday for the christmas raids! It will be an evening with lots of fun!

    Thank you for playing,