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  • Good work gm nerd on making another ot faded to die

    117 players online atm and going down each day, not mentioning that half of those are macros.Congratulations for gm nerd wasting money on another pitful server that is faded to die because server is hosted on europe and there is no host on america, where 60% of players are on and the rest 40% on Brazil which gets 240 ping from this server good job indeed.

    • Tradbill
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    • 24.12.16 03:45:02
    • Edited by Tradbill
    • on 24.12.16 03:50:57

    Dont talk bulshit's and dont accuse NERD, hes doing good work everyday for better experiene and news for us... flame me now if u want, but i dont think server has die for his work. he doing hard work on his server, i like a lot this server, its really nice and balanced. But ppl dont like low-rate servers.

    The money he has earned its well deserved with his work.

    Nerd stay happy and congratulations for ur server, i have to say this its the best server 7.4 already now. Im semi-retired becouse my friends don't want to play anymore... its not fair but its true.

    good job nerd, and dont pay attention to this bullshits

    see you!!

    • Olecko Ucher
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    • 24.12.16 08:14:35

    agree with Spiteful Murderer, there were 300 online and in one day online dropped into 100~~ and in this 100 players 50% are mc so there play no more than 50-60ppl. pathetic. This server died faster thn i thought

    • Shen
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    • 24.12.16 09:29:57

    Are Chrismtmas idiots...
    Alot of people got other cases to do not only playing, also alot people spend this time with far leaving family......


    • Arrowhead
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    • 24.12.16 10:23:52

    I stand behind the guy above me, it's Christmas for Christ sake, haha (see what I did there?) haueha
    Anyways, just take a look at Medivia, the most popular 7.4 low rate server. The population has dropped there as well now that it's Christmas. You'll see that after the holidays it will grow back to normal, or slightly under the normal rate.
    So this time it's definitely not Nerd's fault. And as mentioned in another post above, you've done a great job Nerd! Keep up with the updates and you'll see that you'll get a successfully server!

    • Knightem Gram
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    • 24.12.16 10:58:44
    • Edited by Knightem Gram
    • on 24.12.16 11:10:33

    This is the true

    When the rich fall into calamity, many have those who will help him,
    when disgustingly shall speak, yet will acquit him.
    When whereas poor in misfortune falls, it will chase,
    and when will speak wisely, does not find recognition.

    Here the word of God ^ You understand all, if you seen a picture, with speak Aquanamenta-GM NERD first, later read this topic.

    familiarize you a backstory, On screen see speak Aqua true, and he got ban for Gm disgusting words directed to Aqua. -.-

    • Gold
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    • Beta of Dies Irae
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    • 24.12.16 11:09:48

    Nerd doing a great job with this OT!!!! FACT.
    Its Christmas... the server is doing fine, the ones who left the server will not be missed, since these Players change server every 2 weeks.. retarded action junkie kids

    Keep up the great work NERD!

    • Fearon
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    • 25.12.16 03:42:30
    • Edited by Fearon
    • on 25.12.16 03:46:13

    When the owner of an OT starts to call people for retards and mongolids, and afterwards bans this guy, it´s not an serious OT in my eyes.

    How about the unjustified thing, you were gonna fix it. But i see no difference....

    • Ulitaka
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    • 25.12.16 11:19:02
    • Edited by Ulitaka
    • on 25.12.16 11:19:29

    In my opinion GM is NOT doing his job well enough. This is another OTS just for making some cash, then it will die like all others, sooner or faster.
    OTS had no future since the beginning, when basically it had no ppl online, lets be honest 300 ppl in 1st day is nothing.
    Now 50 ppl online, yeah lets say its Christmas bla bla bla, but OTS gonna fade away in like 2 weeks anyway.
    In the end, BUGS. I found one major BUG with trade, I could basically thief ppl on trade for cash, but I reported it INSTANTLY with my friend to CM Varg. I could make so huge ammount of money that I would never use them in game, but I didnt abused it. And here is our reward: ( SS from like week ago, bug reported like 2 weeks ago)

    And NO, we did not reported it for reward, but he didnt even say thank you, he ignored us.
    Since GM doesnt give a shit for MAJOR bug and allow You to abuse them, some other cool bugs, lowering population day after day I suggest You to stop waste Your time here and quit like some of us already did.


  • tbf Nerd and the others working on this server has done a great job with updates, custom content and has probably put down a lot of time into this which is really appreciated. But it's sad to see you acting this unprofessionally ingame, it hurts your reputation and the server. If i have a customer at work that i dislike or don't agree with I dont tell him that, I swallow my pride and just deal with it then move on. Similar methodology should be applied here for you towards your players. You could probably just have apologized for blocking him by accident, ignoring all the complaints and moved on, instead you acted with your emotions and lost an entire guild (Guns are Drawn) playing this server..

    Most players have probably read this thread by now, instead of deleting it you should make a statement, give us the full story if it isn't and apologize or whatever to give some closure to this. Maybe you don't agree but if you want whats best for the server you should do it..