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    • Ines Precious
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    • 24.12.16 22:00:51

    Playing/hunting tips

    Its way to many ots running around with different versions and exp rate and not enough people to play them all. Many of players are changing from one ot to another cuz they follow 'famous' tibia players. When I say famous i mean players who like to warmode and we all know who they are. I use to play with/vs all of them depends on ot. From my point of view the worse possible scenario is to follow them when they change from one ot to another. And they do it very fast. Why? Cuz they are only whining how gm is corrupted, how some1 use bot, how ot is full of brs, how polish ppl don't dare to fight them etc. My advice is to create your of gang/team, to stick with one ot as much as possible and don't follow them. They need u more than u need them. Let them come to ur ot.

    How do I choose a server to play on?
    I don't enjoy playing that much hotkey version so I usually play 7.4 ots. If I gotta chose between high exp rate or low I would prefer low rate exp. Why? Cuz on high exp rate when u enter a warmode on lets say 120lvl and u r not able to exp cuz enemies all around and its not safe, random ppl outlevel u in 3 days and then join enemies or just create 3th side which is worse case scenario to have 3 teams in war.

    How do I choose voc? Should I play mage or not?
    Well its up to you. But when I read server info i decide what i am gonna play or we make agreement on team who gonna play what voc. On this one i am druid cuz sio is 35mana and I dont have team so druids are needed for teamhunts.

    When I decided voc what is next?
    I make a strategy how to play that voc so I can be top10-20 on experience after 10+ days (if its low rate ot). First goal of that strategy is to collect money for vip/premmy account. We all know first day or two prices of vips are ridiculous. So I collect 5k and buy one of them for in game cash.

    Strategy how to exp mage:
    It doesn't matter that much if u r druid or sorc. First thing you do after u bought vip is make ur char promoted. After that u exp runemaker while making runes on ur main char. U keep selling runes so u got cash to buy promotion on ur runemaker too (do desert quest asap). If x3 mcs allowed then u do 2 runemakers, but in this case 1 runemaker. After they are both promoted u keep making runes but this time with life rings on ur main and without on ur runemaker. Ur goal is to boost ur mlvl. It has to be 35-40 before u start to exp. After u pg and u grind some money on ur main u start to make runes with life rings on ur maker too cuz it makes u having runes faster

    Where do i exp mage on this ot?
    It also depends.. Many like gfbing vamps on tombs on 30+ lvl, or drefia necros trying to get boh asap etc. I don't. Why? cuz mages are weak there, easy getting pk'd and its often waste. But if u do so i suggest u to party hunt on shared exp so u r more safe if pks with ur buddy than alone + also u waste less runes and task goes faster. If u dont like tombs either i suggest u to find a blocker and exp dragons with hmms at 40+ lvl with collecting lootbag ofc. After that task u r 70+ lvl and then life goes smooth.

    Also needed runemakers. I would suggest u to make druid as maker cuz u need uhs/hmms/gfbs/explos and not so much sds on the start. U gotta skill it atleast until 70/70 then u go in hunt. What u hunt? It doesnt matter u just follow the tasks w/e u enjoy hunting and ofc lootbag. Best tasks are probably minos/cycs/guards. After like 50+ lvl if u r pally go for gs task and if u r ek try to find mate to hunt dragons with. If ur mate is druid use sword/axe rings so u hit more. No point of using life rings with druid cuz sio is op. Do not ever hunt with shield and weapon unless u got magic sword

    Also it doesnt matter what voc/lvl am i but every day i log in my goal is to make minimum 200k exp. I dont like standing in house/dp and doing nothing. How hard is here to make 200k exp? U need less than 1h to do it..
    Dont know if all of u know but there is Dungeon quest here. Reward is crown armor, valor ring and 189k exp. U can do it every 24h and will receive exp every time u make it. U will get armor and ring only first time. How hard is to make it? Well its needed 50 lvl to enter it and after 90 lvl u cant enter anymore.. Its instance of 5 ppl needed. One of them should be blocker 50+ i suggest with hercul set. U will meet there demon skeletons, ghousts, banshees, few dragons and dragon lords and 1 behemoth. After behemoth downstairs is boss. Not so hard, blocker has to stay diagonal and u can kill it with sds.. So bring ur bolts manas few sds and hmms and gogo each 24h u get 189k exp

    Advice to all players of Nastarius:
    I know its not so many ppl online atm and it worries u but as long high lvls play it and u low/average lvls pg its cool. It doesnt have to be 400 ppl online to make ot cool. Is war missing? Yes! But its not time for it yet cuz there are no 2 good enough teams to create war. Lets play some more, meet some more friends, collect some more cash and then if war is needed i am first to join. Before that i think poi quest should be made. If u cant wait it go pk with subchars ppl u dont like or smth XD

    Thanks for reading and i hope we make this ot stable cuz i am tired o changing ots

  • Great guide and thanks for making this

    • Cheira Peido
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    • 24.12.16 23:04:18

    I appreciate the effort you put into this, thank you for the guide.