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    • Smokie
    • Vocation: Sorcerer
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    • 06.12.16 15:40:41

    Failed to login on work

    Hi, I can't login with this client on my work tried to run as admin and so on whats the problem? Help please wanna play at my work

  • Ohh! its easy man you just got to.......

    Get your ass to work boiii.

    • Nikolaus
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    • Posts: 12
    • 08.12.16 14:46:59

    Ports not open? Or...

    • Smokie
    • Vocation: Sorcerer
    • Level: 22
    • Posts: 4
    • 09.12.16 10:08:45

    Yea exactly how do i open ports?

    • Smokie
    • Vocation: Sorcerer
    • Level: 22
    • Posts: 4
    • 09.12.16 10:12:30

    i can download the client but it wont find any connection

    • Cruel
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
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    • 09.12.16 10:36:07

    Lol, probably blocked by your work?
    Get back to work.

    • Smokie
    • Vocation: Sorcerer
    • Level: 22
    • Posts: 4
    • 09.12.16 14:44:04

    I know how to handle my work, try to help me instead of writing bullshit, im always infront of computer so why not get magic lvls and runes at the same time im making money, cruel shut ur mouth dont even write if u gonna write shit

    • Kindlybeard
    • Vocation: Elder Druid
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    • 11.12.16 23:31:33

    >> Originally posted by Smokie on 09.12.16 10:08:45:
    >> Yea exactly how do i open ports?

    try to run cmd (win+r, then write "cmd" and there
    >> telnet 7778
    If then you will have connected to it - that is mean that port 7778 is open. As i see, Tibia uses two ports - 7777 and 7778.

    If ports are closed - it can be on your computer, but it more likely is on the one of routers on your work.

    And can you connect to website throught browser?

    • GM Nerd
    • Position: GOD
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    • 12.12.16 09:11:11
    • Edited by GM Nerd
    • on 12.12.16 09:12:19

    Your IT department probably has blocked all ports with exceptions for commonly used protocols/ports like http, pop, smtp etc.

    You can get around this by using vpn (or socks if you want it to be specific only on Tibia), however you need to have some available free port to run the vpn/proxy connection through. Maybe use the noping service ( as it does work very similar to a VPN/proxy.

    Also, you could look into hooking up your mobile internet (maybe with a spare laptop) and play through there. Tibia costs next to zero bandwith so shouldn't be that much of a problem data usage wise.

    Most likely all of this is not worth the hassle and you should concede to company greed