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  • Can't do Chain Armor quest in rook

    Doesnt have the body in rotworms near katana quest with the small axe to change in Al Dee and take the pick for open the hole with the key to open the door of Bear Room to take Chain Armor!!

    • Eclips
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    • 26.12.16 01:48:38
    • Edited by Eclips
    • on 26.12.16 01:49:52

    It's not bugged. Though u can't get the small axe from the place it should be, you can still loot it from a goblin. It's also a daily spawn in the cave with the goblins and orc spearmen.

    Then u can trade the small axe for a pickaxe and do the quest. I've done it myself so

  • Which cave with globins and orc spearman, can u show me ? xD

    • Eclips
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    • 26.12.16 02:17:43

    The video shows a new layout of the cave but the only thing which is different is the entrance that's it.

    • Neo Revolution
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    • 26.12.16 02:40:38
    • Edited by Neo Revolution
    • on 26.12.16 02:40:51

    I went there, i went in all daily resps of small axe on rook and nothing =/ i will check tomorrow after save server