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    • Illiza
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    • Stabby of Stabwound
    • Posts: 7
    • 04.01.17 12:38:33

    No mana or health when sleeping in beds

    So.. correct me if i´m wrong. but should one not get mana and health when you are sleeping in the beds? is this ment to be like this or is it just a little bug?

    • Fluttershy
    • Vocation: Elder Druid
    • Level: 21
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    • 04.01.17 16:27:07
    • Edited by Fluttershy
    • on 04.01.17 16:28:17

    On Nerds previous servers, they made the beds provide minimal regen so people arent making magefarms in guildhalls, and houses with many beds. I would assume the same goes for Nasty...
    Sorry mate!
    Hope this information helps!