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  • Thanks for the fun.

    Just wanted to thank every1 who I interacted with during this short life of the server.

    I got owned and owned quite a few people during the weeks, but it all added up to a good experience. Shame it took such a steep downhill turn when the medivia server opened.

    Im hoping for a revival ofcourse, but the chances are slim at best.

    Its pointless pointing fingers, but I hope both management and players alike will learn from this social experiment and do better in the future.

    Have a good one!

    • Dain Jerous
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
    • Level: 80
    • Posts: 6
    • 10.01.17 21:09:04

    Same as above from me


    • Ottoman Pasha
    • Vocation: Royal Paladin
    • Level: 60
    • Posts: 1
    • 10.01.17 23:35:53

    So Gm Nerd, whats your plan? Since i started your server (classicus) it reached its peek at 1000 players online, after that one every time you open up a server it dies..

    • Elite Kina
    • Vocation: Elite Knight
    • Level: 92
    • Posts: 2
    • 11.01.17 10:31:50

    Ok??? u went hef iten

    • Hand Of Cruelty
    • Vocation: Master Sorcerer
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    • Leader of Dies Irae
    • Posts: 5
    • 11.01.17 11:32:45
    • Edited by Hand Of Cruelty
    • on 11.01.17 11:33:11


    Also talking about owning people on a knight, GG

  • >> Originally posted by Hand Of Cruelty on 11.01.17 11:32:45:
    >> Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye
    >> Also talking about owning people on a knight, GG

    Never said solo owned did I?

  • Show must go on.. myself and some people have returned to stay, so don't give in yet boys!

    • Lapka Of Fear
    • Vocation: Royal Paladin
    • Level: 115
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    • 12.01.17 09:05:48
    • Edited by Lapka Of Fear
    • on 12.01.17 09:08:52

    Yeah, thanks to everyone who didn't give up, we may raise Nastarius again. Keep going guys!

  • I will stay to make Nasterius great again!

  • Seems I counted this server out prematurely.

    I'm back aswell.