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    • GM Nerd
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    • 10.12.16 18:58:41
    • Edited by GM Nerd
    • on 10.12.16 19:03:12

    Dungeon update!

    Hi guys,

    Happy to announce the first dungeon in this update. You will now be able to complete the first dungeon for experience points, also the boss has a rare chance of dropping some cool stuff.

    The dungeon is located in Carlin Ghostlands (located here: and can only be started with 5 people. Minimum level is 50 and max level is 90. Recommended level is 60+.

    Each instance can be done once per server save, in total there are 4 instances. Once you complete a dungeon you will have a cooldown for 24 hours before you can do the dungeon again.

    Next week we are bringing out a huge christmas update with new raids, presents and more, so get ready to party and see you guys in-game!

    • Spaz
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    • One of No Way Out
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    • 10.12.16 19:00:23

    Look Ma im on TV!

  • Nice GM Nerd, looking good!

    • Cewix
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    • 11.12.16 12:22:37

    all 4 instances are for 50-90lvl? Don't u think it will be too little time to do them?

    • Mittus
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    • 31.12.16 23:37:29

    we are waiting for more dungeons with better reward/exp :**
    GM Nerd what do u think about Raid? like something to do with 10-15 players? and ofc, much more harder will be good too!!