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Huge jungle biome coming out soon. Stay tuned! Explore new areas with friends! Try to conquer the surgers in new city 'Molten Hills'! Brrrr.. make sure to bring a scarf! Watch out for the Solar Dragon's beam! Would King Tibianus allow you killing the Royalist? Kaplar! Defeat new minotaurs in Molten Hills! Make sure to safely store your loot in Molten Hills! Exchange creature products to new custom addons and outfits! Watch out, it can get pretty hot down there! Enchant your armors and enjoy new stats on your equipment!

What is Nastarius?

Nastarius is a lowrate Tibia Global 7.4 OT server. Here at Nastarius you can enjoy Tibia how it is supposed to be: rewarding, skill based and hardcore.
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14 Mar
Jester outfit teaser released! Check out the news below for more information.

Latest news

Latest news

New teaser - The jester outfit! Mar 14 2017 1 Comment »

Hi there guys,

Just a little update to let you guys know what we have been up to. Currently we are still in mapping stages, however I'm happy to tell you that our progress is on point and the new content update should be released at the end of this month or beginning of next month.

Molten Hills will also be overhauled in next few days, changing the monsters completely, some items will be removed or changed in stats/price. Will keep you informed on this.

Right now I'm happy to show you yet another teaser, the jester outfit. The jester outfit will be integrated completely into the new content quest line and will be the end reward for completing the new content quest line.

Hopefully you guys like it!

Update teaser and new staff member! Mar 9 2017 2 Comments »

Hello and greetings to my fellow Nastarius players,

My name is Blez, also known as Pain from old ChaosOT. I will be joining the staff as a content developer, making new updates together with Nerd. I am 22 years old and located in the USA. In my free time I like to snowboard and party at festivals.

Hopefully this way by helping out Nerd, we should be pushing out new updates fast as lightning.

Let me show you some cool teasers of the upcoming update we are working on.

Cya ingame!

Revamped Beetle & Solar Dragon area! Mar 8 2017 1 Comment »

Hi guys,

Revamped Beetle & Solar Dragon area
Today we are releasing the revamped beetle & solar dragon area. The monsters have completely been overhauled in terms of damage, exp and loot.
Also the two monsters are separated, however they can still be found in the custom 'Poison Tomb' after scarabs.
I have also added tasks, so you can explore and do the new task meanwhile.

Current Roadmap of Nastarius
Currently you guys do not see a lot of updates, though there is a lot going on behind the scene.

As most of you know we are creating a complete new jungle continent with pretty much all custom sprites, so currently we are in the progress of gathering sprites (we already got 200 new object sprites and over 10 new monsters so far!) to start building on the map.

This does take quite some time, however the new continent should be ready near the end of this month. Most of the new continent will be aimed for the higher leveled players, so they can keep exploring and enjoying Nastarius.

In the next few days we'll be overhauling Molten Hills creatures as well to more suit to old Tibia standards. Also some current sprites will be remade (stone pavement, grass, lantarns etc.) in the following week.

Thank you for playing and enjoy exploring the revamped area!

Experience Voucher as compensation for kicks! Mar 3 2017 5 Comments »

Hi guys,

Yesterday our host had some connectivity issues. Some of you died, others were unable to hunt.

To compensate every account registered before Sunday 4th March is eligible for a 50% bonus experience voucher. You can activate your voucher by using '!voucher' in-game. The voucher has no expiration date (so you can use it even after Sunday).

The voucher lasts for 24 hours (even when you are offline). To check how much time you have left on your voucher you can use '!vouchertime'.

On a side note, the beetle revamp has been rescheduled to next week and also will release a new teaser for the jungle biome soon.

Thank you all for playing and apologies for yesterday's issues. Enjoy hunting!

Mythic dungeon released and bonus exp for low levels! Feb 28 2017 3 Comments »

Hi guys,

Today releasing the mythic dungeon and it's vocations. You are now able to complete the mythic dungeon, which includes a total of 5 bosses. After you completed the dungeon you can upgrade to mythic vocation for 50k.

The mythic vocations increases your melee damage for knights and paladins and mana regen for sorcerers and druids. For more information regarding the dungeon and vocations, check out our custom content directory on our website.

Also, to incentive lower leveled players to join and play here at Nastarius, all players below level 50 will have a permanent experience bonus of 50% (4.5x exp).

Tomorrow I'll be releasing the revamped beetle & solar dragon hunt spot (accompanied with their tasks). The new jungle continent is still being worked on (gathering sprites) but will take some more time to complete.

Thanks for playing and stay tuned!